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Forming machine for cappelletti and single-sheet filled products

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The new molding machine CR160 for cappelletti, pelmeni and single-sheet filled products , for productions up to 60kg / h, is equipped with a filling injection system by means of a cylinder and a piston.

Easy-to-use machine, it has been conceived as an accessible proposal, with an interesting quality/price ratio, for the artisan production market.

  • Innovative: equipped with a system that optimizes production according to the mold used and at the same time reduces the sheet waste
  • Flexible: possibility to choose a wide range of interchangeable and easily replaceable molds
  • Simple: ease of use, maintenance and cleaning
  • Safe: equipped with an inverter that ensures greater protection of the machine

Main features:

  • Innovative machine designed to facilitate use and cleaning operations.
  • Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Special cappelletti moulds designed with integrated motion cams
  • Electronic inverter to adjust the speed of sheet, filling and mould.
  • The system improves productivity based on each mould and decreases sheet scraps.
  • Sheet speed selector based on mould type
  • Stuffing injection by filling holder and piston to facilitate cleaning operations and minimize wastes 
  • Adjustable quantity of filling while working.
  • All parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel or food graded materials.


Technical Data

Model CR160 CR250
Production per hour kg/h 25-60 kg/h 60-150
Sheet width mm 160 mm 250
Dimensions cm 97 x 85 x 180h cm 100 x 82 x 180
Weight kg 290 kg 380
Max Power consumption kw 1,8 kw 3
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