Boiling-water pasteurizers with gas burner

Hourly production: 160 Kg

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Italgi pasteurizers PSG are perfect to extend shelf-life of pasta products. The machine reduces the concentration of bacteria by warming the product for a suitable amount of time, while keeping the right humidity .

The machine is available in differen sizes which can treat up to 200 Kg per hour of different products such as ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti, non-stuffed pasta or even potato gnocchi, either stuffed or not. 
The pasteurizing chamber has been designed to distribuite heat homogeneously both over and below the product. 
At the end of the treatment, the product is superficially dried by powerful airblowers positioned both above and below the conveyor belt.

PSG pasteurizers are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, including the conveyor belt. The top covers of the unit can be opened for cleaning.

The machines are supplied with all the necessary devices to mantain set-point temperature and water level automatically. The only connections needed are electric power, gas line, water line and water drain. The duration and temperature of treatment may be easily changed from control panel. The heat needed for treatment is produced by a small steam generator equipped with a low power gas burner (not included in the supply and available on request).

Every potentially dangerous component is covered with stainless steel panels.
The steam generator is equipped with all the required safety devices, it is very easy to use and can generally be installed beside the machine. 

The design of the chamber, thermal insulation and power regulation ensure a very reasonable working cost.

Technical Data

Model PSG70x200 PSG70x300 PSG70x400 PSG70x500
Capacità Kg/h 80-120
lbs/h 170-260
Kg/h 120-160
lbs/h 260-350
Kg/h 160-200
lbs/h 350-440
Kg/h 200-240
lbs/h 440-520
Belt width cm 70
cm 70
cm 70
cm 70
Dimensions cm 130 x 500 x 120H
51" x 200" x 47"1/2
cm 130 x 600 x 120H
51" x 240" x 47"1/2
cm 130 x 775 x 120H
51" x 305" x 47"1/2
cm 130 x 875 x 120H
51" x 345" x 47"1/2
Electric power KW 2 KW 2 KW 2,5 KW 2,5
Steam consumption Kg/h 50 Kg/h 100 Kg/h 150 Kg/h 200
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