Ravioli machines and machines for stuffed pasta


Double sheet ravioli machine

Hourly production: 120 Kg

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Double sheet ravioli machines with filling system based on piston pump; high volume filling canister.


The machine can make many different shapes of ravioli by simply changing the mould; changing the mould is a very easy and fast operation. 
The control panel allows many speed adjustments that allow to work with different shapes and sizes, a wide range of sheet thicknesses and very soft fillings.


Big stainless steel sheeting rollers (Ø66 mm) moved by dedicated motor; sheeting speed controlled by electronic inverter.
Moulds have big 95 mm rollers with mechanical extraction system and are moved by dedicated motor controlled by a second electronic inverter.
The stuffing system is moved by a third dedicated motor controlled by a further electronic inverter.
The three inverters allow a full control of the machine as compared to traditional design, even when using different sizes and shapes of ravioli, different amount of filling, or different sheet thickness (either extremely thin or thick).
An innovative patented system allows to pre-stretch the sheet to fill ravioli even with very soft fillings.

Highly productive:

Machine is designed and optimized to obtain high throughput. The many controls available allow to maximize production speed for every different mould.


Easy to clean:

All the parts in touch with the food are made with stainless steel or food-graded polyethylene.
The components which need cleaning can be quickly disassembled for easy washing. Innovative two-rollers ravioli moulds allows a much better cleaning than traditional four rollers dies.

Safe and reliable:

PRC machines have been designed following the latest hygiene and safety regulations and are dimensioned to guarantee the best reliability and durability. 
Extremely strong construction; every rotating part is on roll bearings, not bushings.
Rollers spaced from machines sides to avoid pasta and filling intrusions into the mechanics. 
Frame and body made of AISI 304 stinless steel; mechanical parts in contact with the product are all in food-rated materials.

Technical Data

Model PRC160 PRC250
Production per hour kg/h 120 kg/h 200
Sheet width mm 2 X 160 mm 2 X 250
Capacità contenitore ripieno kg 6 kg 10
Dimensions cm 69 x 116 x 182h cm 78 x 140 x 185h
Weight kg 270 kg 340
Maximum power consumption kW 2,0 kW 2,5
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