Combination pasta machines


Sheeter-based combined pasta machine


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Automatic combination machine for production of pasta sheet, ravioli and tagliatelle.

  • Stainless steel body.
  • AISI304 stainless steel mixing tank with extractable mixer and rounded corners to prevent accumulation of bacterial charge.
  • Automatic sheeter for sheet production.
  • Laminating unit consisting of two pairs of stainless steel rollers, with large diameter and special profiles.
  • Mechanics mounted on four spaced sides to prevent possible pasta infiltration in the mechanical components.
  • Automatic sheet winding system.
  • Ravioli group with interchangeable four-rollers molds.
  • Innovative mold opening system for easy cleaning.
  • Amount of filling adjustable during machine operation.
  • Conveyor belt for product outlet.
  • Integrated automatic sheet cutting system with adjustable thickness and cutting length.
  • Interchangeable tagliatelle molds, to produce lasagna and long pasta such as noodles, spaghetti alla chitarra, fettuccine, pappardelle.
  • All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel or food-compatible plastic materials and are easily removable to facilitate cleaning operations.

Production of pasta sheet

Production of ravioli

Production of flat long pasta


Technical Data

Production massima sfoglia kg/h 80
Production massima ravioli kg/h 80
Sheet width mm 160
Mixing hopper capacity kg 20
Capacità contenitore ripieno litri 4
Dimensions cm 125x105x170h
Weight kg 500
Maximum power consumption kW 4,2
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