Continuous cookers

Continuous cookers with conveyor belt

for pasta and other food products

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We manufacture continuous cookers, custom designed according to the specifications of the customer.

All the parts are built and assembled in our factories and our technicians follow the customer from the definition of the specifications to the startup of the plant.

The machines can be powered by external steam generators, gas burners or electric resistors.

Our machines and the resulting lines are studied to give the best result minimizing the cleaning time. Every potentially dangerous mechanical part is covered with suitable protections. 

The cover of the cooking tank can be lift automatically for cleaning and maintenace. 

All the parts in contact with food are made with AISI 304 stainless steel. 

Stainless steel or plastic conveyor belt; belt speed controlled by electronic inverters.

Automatic control of water level and temperature.

Cooking of filled pasta

Cooking of pasta sheet

Cooking of cannelloni

Cooking of vegetables and other food products

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