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    Tradition and innovation
    for the production of quality pasta
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    A wide range
    of pasta machines
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    From small production
    to large industrial plants

ITALGI - Production of machines and plants for pasta

from small production for restaurants, delis and bakeries, to industrial pasta factories

Pasta machines

ITALGI designs and manufactures a wide range of machines for production of all types of pasta, in various versions to suit every need: extruders, sheeters, ravioli machines, gnocchi machines, combined machines, machines for regional and ethnic pasta, etc.

Cooking systems for pasta

ITALGI automatic equipment for the preparation and cooking of pasta dishes, are ideal for restaurants, inns, hotels, farmhouses, pasta bars and pasta fast foods.

Industrial plants for pasta

ITALGI studies and produces custom-made lines for production and treatment of pasta: plants for dry pasta, lines for precooked pasta and ready meals based on pasta, plant for filled pasta, either pasteurized or frozen, etc.


A new idea of "pasta shop" that combines the classic sale of fresh pasta with the possibility of offering ready-made pasta dishes, freshly cooked in front of the customer and consumed inside the premises or sold in takeaway packages.

"tradition and innovation for the production of quality pasta"

Extruders, sheeters, ravioli machines, gnocchi machines, cappelletti machines, cookers, pasteurizers, dryers...
A wide range of pasta equipment, systems and machinery for all the professional requirements of Italian gastronomy.

PRIMO PIATTO - Pasta school

The first school dedicated to the queen of Italian cuisine: Pasta.

"Primo Piatto" is born from the need to create a structure specifically dedicated to teaching the techniques of preparation of fresh pasta and all the dishes that can be made with it. For this purpose, the school brings together a team of professionals with various specializations and consolidated experience at international level.

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