Combination pasta machines


Extruder-based combined pasta machine


  • Extrusion of short pasta

  • Extrusion of long pasta

  • Ravioli production

  • Sheet wrapper accessory

  • Optional chiller

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Combimax is the combined pasta machine designed by Italgi for any pasta related business looking for a single machine able to make several kinds of pasta, with high production in a limited size.

Combimax can produce:

  • tagliatelle, maccheroni, fusilli, penne and more shapes of pasta...
  • sheet for lasagne; with a suitable die;
  • ravioli with different shapes thanks to the interchangeable moulds and the possibility to prepare the sheet rollers for ravioli group with the automatic dough roller.

The machine is built in AISI 304 stainless steel and is assembled on a trolley to store it in corner when not in use.

The double sheet ravioli group makes a wide range of different shapes and sizes of ravioli, either square, round, triangle or half-moon. The ravioli come out already separated by the machine.

The innovative design solutions and the care in construction assure the maximum easiness to use, cleaning, safety and long life, following Italgi's tradition in pasta machines.

In conjunction with our pasta cooking stations of the line PASTA IDEA, Combimax is an excellent solution to produce ready meals based on pasta, quickly, economically, and in extremely small spaces.

Extrusion of short pasta

Extrusion of long pasta

Ravioli production


Technical Data

Pasta production in extrusion kg/h 50 / 55
Ravioli production kg/h 50
Ravioli sheet width mm 120
Mixing hopper capacity kg 10
Dimensions cm 85x115x175h
Weight kg 200
Maximum power consumption kW 2,8
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