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Double hopper automatic pasta sheeter (dough sheeter)

Hourly production: 160 Kg

  • Sliding patented system for changing hopper

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Automatic pasta sheeter (dough sheeter) mod. S160DV, S250DV, S320DV are designed to produce automatically pasta sheet 5/6 mm thick and with different width depending on model (see table below). 

Machine frame is in stainless steel and the laminating group has 2 couples of rollers with special profiles; rollers are assembled on four shoulders to avoid possible leakage of water into the bearings. All the sheeters are supplied with a conveyor belt for the finished product.

Mixing arm and conveyor belt can be removed to simplify cleaning operations.

All models are equipped with suitable safety appliances. The electric system of the dough sheeter is protected against water and shoves; it is furnished with safety lock. 

To allow continuous operation without interruption, the machine is provided with two mixing hoppers that are used alternately; they are moved through an innovative and patented sliding system that makes changing the hopper extremely simple and fast.

Technical Data

Model S160DV S250DV S320DV
Production per hour kg/h 160 kg/h 300 kg/h 320
Sheet width mm 160 mm 250 mm 320
Capacità vasca impastatrice kg 35+35 kg 70+70 kg 70+70
Dimensions cm 92x127x160h cm 135x127x166h cm 135x127x166h
Weight kg 510 kg 660 kg 720
Maximum power consumption kw 5,5 kw 10 kw 10
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