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High volume continuos cycle machines

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For high volume industrial production of extruded pasta, Italgi designs and manufactures continuous extruders with essential and strong mechanics, high flexibilty, small sizes and robust structure.

Pasta is produced continuously and all the production parameters can be easily changed. Low number of revolutions and reduced extruding temperature ensure a perfect quality of the final product.

On request, machines can be built with total vacuum technology, for a more compact texture of the product.

The ingredients are dosed continuously, with a batcher for flour and volumetric pumps for liquids. For a perfectly homogeneous mix, ingredients are first pre-mixed in a centrifuge and then mixed in a mixing hopper; the dough is then extruded by a high efficiency screw in special steel.

Machines are supplied complete with platform and railing, access stair, footboard in skidproof sheet metal, batchers for raw materials and automatic system for waste recovery

Technical Data

Production in extrusion kg/h 400
Die diameter mm 320
Dimensions cm 160 x 180 x 230
Weight kg 900
Maximum power consumption kW 30
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