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Double hopper pasta machine (Pasta extruder)

Hourly production: 250 Kg

  • P250 Extruder

  • P250 with linear die

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The P250DV is an industrial duty line for continuos production of fresh pasta.
The mixing hopper Mod.V130 allows to prepare the mixture, while the machine continues the extrusion of pasta; the conveyor belt Mod.NA50 conveys the mixed dough directly to the main hopper of pasta machine. 

The extrusion sleeve is equipped with an open-circuit water cooling system that helps dissipating the heat generated by the pressure. The control panel gives a digital readout of the extrusion temperature. The hoppers and the bodies of the machines are made with AISI 304 stainless steel. 

By simply changing over the die Mod.P170DV can produce many pasta shapes, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, fusilli, macaroni, gnocchetti, etc. By means of special dies it is also possible to make penne and sheet for lasagne. 

The standard equipment includes a fan for superficial drying of pasta, and an automatic knife to cut short pasta (fusilli, gnocchi, macaroni, etc. ..). A conveyor with knife for the automatic cutting of long pasta is also available on request. 

The P250DV can easily prepare dough sheets to feed our forming machines for stuffed pasta in continuous production lines. 

For the operator's safety, every potentially hazardous component of the machine is fitted with suitable protection in accordance with law.

Technical Data

Actual production kg/h 250
Production in extrusion kg/h 250
Die diameter mm 250
Mixing hopper capacity kg 120
Mixing hopper capacity secondaria kg 130
Dimensions cm 300 x 180 x 240h
Weight kg 750+180+185
Maximum power consumption kW 21
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