Ravioli machines and machines for stuffed pasta


Double sheet ravioli machine with automatic cutter

Hourly production: 80 Kg

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Double sheet ravioli production machine.

  • Interchangeable molds for production of different ravioli shapes.
  • Quick mold replacement.
  • Stainless steel calibrating rollers.
  • Amount of filling adjustable during machine operation.
  • Product transport conveyor belt.
  • Automatic long pasta production unit (tagliatelle, pappardelle, tagliolini, lasagne, etc.) with interchangeable molds, adjustable sheet thickness and product length adjustment.

Technical Data

Production per hour kg/h 80
Sheet width mm 2 X 160
Capacità contenitore ripieno kg 4
Dimensions cm 70 x 80 x 170h
Weight kg 180
Maximum power consumption kW 1,0
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