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Pasta dryers - Static dryers for pasta

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Pasta dryer EC 20 MINI is specially designed for the drying of pasta. The new Italgi technology for the optimization of the drying process allows an electronic and personalized control of the process, according to the different kind of pasta or other products.

Structure with pavement composed of thick thermal insulating panels, filled with polyurethane foam to provide better insulation and soundproofing. Resistors for air heating, fans with flow rectifiers, extractors of humidity. 

Electronic board for the control of temperature and humidity during the drying process. Possibility of storing drying programs.

Technical Data

Maximum production (fresh product) kg 25
Dimensions cm 135 x 70 x 175h
Number of trays 20
Trays dimensions cm 60 x 40
Power massima kw 2,5
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