Ravioli machines and machines for stuffed pasta


Cappelletti machine

Hourly production: 100 Kg

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Cappelletti machines RC140 and RC250 produce cappelletti, tortelloni and single-sheet folded ravioli in various shapes and sizes.
The die can be changed in oreder to produce different products like ravioli, tortelloni, fagottini and saccottini.
Using suitable dies, the machine can also make pruducts for other ethnic cuisines, like chinese, indonesian or russian. 
The sheet thickness and the amount of stuffing can be asily adjusted;
The various functions are driven by different indipendent motors which do not need periodical maintenance. 
All parts of machine in direct contact with food are made with suitable materials.

Technical Data

Model RC140 RC250
Production per hour kg/h 30/50 kg/h 50/100
Sheet width mm 140 mm 250
Dimensions cm 90 x 80 x 155h cm 110 x 80 x 155h
Weight kg 290 kg 330
Max Power consumption kw 1,2 kw 2
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